Beautiful day in the Neighborhood

Beautiful day in the Neighborhood

We are so lucky to live where we do...It sucks having this disease, but look at the great friends I've made!!! Betty, Danean, Jeanne, Cherie

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Thanks so much for posting this, Jeanne. I'm still unable to resize with my software.
I couldn't post it either for the same reason. It was a great day!
There is life after mouth sores..... yay!!!!!! lol
Indeed, there is! Hang tough. We're rooting for you!
Fantastic photo! Look at those smiles. ;-)
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Our west coast sisters are looking good and clearly living the good life!
Delightful, de-lovely -- it's our cancer buddies! Yay! Living well is the best revenge. Huge, humongous hug, Jeanne! Thanks for posting a pic of such beautiful people! B
What a great pic of all of you! You all look healthy and beautiful--makes me want to turn cartwheels! Hugs!
You guys look great. Good to see you looking so good.
Lovely picture!
Look how gorgeous you girls are!
Awesome pic!! I can feel the love ! hugs and love and always prayers Sabina:)
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Prayers & Positive thoughts/energy

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April 30, 2012

Thought it was hemroids...tried RX cream/suppositories, even something called rectal rocket


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