Our friend Texas Jeff has passed...

I was on my way out the door to catch flight to go meet Texas Jeff, I received a text from his friend/caregiver Kimble letting me know Jeff did pass last night.  I know I will miss his wit & humour.

He is in such a better place, this last week was incredibly hard for him.  They will be having a celebration of his life soon, I will be using my plane ticket for that.  I will post as soon as I hear any other news.

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Valerie threw a punch at your cancer.
Becky sent you a prayer.
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So hard to believe. He went so quickly. 😢
I will miss his quirky sense of humor and his willingness to share himself.with others. God bless TJ
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So sad to hear this, such a wonderful man and he will be missed by all of us Hugs xoxoxo
I am in shock. I didn't expect this so soon. The world will miss his humor and generosity. Yes, we should celebrate his life!
TJ will be missed! I had the pleasure of meeting him once last year. What a great guy.
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I just set up his memorial page. I will post a message here soon too.

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From the Urban Dictionary: "A mench is a particularly good person with the qualities one would hope for in a dear friend or trusted colleague; a gentleman." Jeff was a mench. I'm glad he's at rest but I'll miss him.
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So sorry to hear about this! That was extremely fast. RIP TJ!
Jeff touched many lives with his high spirits no matter what happened to him. I can only hope that I have the strength to follow his example. Thank you for caring about him.
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I am sorry to hear of this loss. He was a friend to all. Rest in peace Jeff.
He was definitely a shining light during this whole mess & I always appreciated his sense of humor and directness. I thought he'd be around a bit longer, and am so sorry he had these dreaded problems. May he rest in peace. He will be missed.
I'm so sad today. RIP
I'm sad to hear that he is gone but glad to know that his suffering is over. He certainly kept up his humor during the awful last part of his life. May he rest in peace.
Thank you for planning to go to his memorial Jeanne. You will be carrying all our good wishes with you. I am still overcome by the sadness of this loss, as I am sure many of us are. He was a shining example of grace and wit in the face of extreme obstacles and I will miss him very much. Giving you virtual hugs.
So sad. To read his posts you would never know how bad he was. Such a positive fighter. He will be missed.
Omg... So sad 😥
I was just about to post on my blog which I have been very negligent about and then saw the news of Texas Jeff's passing. He seemed to me to be kind, smart, generous, and strong. Safe travels TJ, you will be missed!
Thanks for sharing this with us and for being such a good friend to him. He will definitely be missed. :(
Oh my gosh, no! I can't believe he is gone so soon. He will definitely be missed here.
He will be greatly missed. What a wonderful encourager and positive soul !
His unwavering care & support for me over the last five years despite everything he was going through will be a lasting legacy. I will miss him very much Annabelle
Big hug for you Jeanne, no words i know of, just big hug.
So sad, i really liked Jeff :(
I am sorry to hear this, Jeanne, but knew it was coming. I haven't had good computer access for a few weeks, which makes it difficult to keep up on everyone..... I know Jeff is in a better place. And, I am glad you will go to the Celebration of Life. Now that I am in AZ, I was hoping to get to TX, but, just too much going on with a new job, etc.

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