Betty yet another fighter taken from us to soon

As I received the news of Betty's passing, I was so mad and sad at this disease.  I called a few other BFAC members to share the sad news.  Danean and I spent as much time with Betty as she could allow us to.  I will post a collage of pictures of Betty, Danean, Charity, Cherie and myself within a few days.  As I do receive info on when they will be having a celebration of her life, I will pass that on.  Her husband said in about a month.  Betty did come down to San Diego for our meet and greet on Sunday for breakfast.  I will so miss Betty's quirky sense of humor and the sense of adventure she shared and her love for her family, friends, horses, dog and cat.  Betty I'm so glad that you are now at peace and will so look forward to seeing you again. 

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I am friends with her on Facebook, I am so sad. Hard to believe ...
Jeanne, Thank you for sharing .... Xoxo
So sad to hear.
Hi Jeanne. So sorry for the loss you and Danean feel in having known precious Betty personally. In the few communications I had with her, I could tell what a fine human being she was to all who knew her. God bless. Love, Marcia
Such a shame. I'm humbled that I hd the chance to share time and life with her in San Diego.RIP, Betty. Sad hug, B
I still can't believe it. Thanks for passing on the information. I really appreciate it. Big hug to you sweetie.
Hugs to you Jeanne, it has been a sad summer. Glad you were able to meet in person and share hugs!
So heartbreaking...
Such a loss. Sorry for her family n to everyone she touched.
I'm so glad you got to spend time together. We form such friendships on this blog, because we really understand each other, but it makes it all the more difficult to say goodbye. It is heartbreaking.
Hi Jeanne, thank you for posting this. I was so shocked and saddened when I heard of Betty's passing. I just can't believe it. Did you say you saw her the Sunday before she passed at a meet and greet in San Diego? Do you know how are husband is doing. Why I last saw her she had said she was worried that he had Alzheimer's. I wish peace and comfort for her family. Take care Jeanne.
Jeanne... You are so good and I know this hurts and its so sad.. Betty wrote to me before she died and said how fortunate she was to have so much care around her...God in his infinite wisdom has the answers to the why questions... What we can do is live each day of our life, with all the "life" we can and share our love with each other because in the end all there is .. is, "love" .. and I believe it's the love that will continue from here to the next life... I pray for healing for you and Danean , Betty's family, and all of us here and that our broken heart's are healed by the power of the Holy Spirit and we have peace in God's will being done... Betty will be so missed ... hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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Hi, Jeanne. So very sorry for you loss. Cancer takes far too many.
Hugs and prayer.
You were a blessing in her life. And you understand this disease and that had to make Betty and you and Danean, Charity and Cherie true soul-sisters. Betty was a true inspiration.
Jeanne I hope you have a wonderful Birthday and many more hugs xoxoxo
Sorry for the delayed response...Thank you for your wishes...Jeanne
So sorry for your loss and the loss to this group. I must say I regret I did not know her since I'm fairly new here.
Happy birthday, Jeanne. Hope you are doing well!
Thank you, off to Vegas for the weekend, seeing CHER tomorrow night
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