Happy May Day! 6 year cancerversary

Hi!  Apologies for missing in action.  I can't even believe that it has been 6 years that this cancer thing tried to take me down.  I was lucky that didn't happen, even more lucky to have found this site.  I may have made it without the site, but the friends and little bits and big bits of advice that helped me make it though not to scarred (love my little tattoo's).  I do still check in and comment/hug/like/pray on occasion.  The past month has been taking care of my dog and buddy Jersey Boy, he is the one that sat on the couch with me during my treatment.  He ate the crust of my peanut butter toast.  Well, took him to very expensive vet $2000.00 to find out what was wrong, mass ans spleen needing to be rmoved for $8500.00...wth...ending up taking him to Doctor Jeff in Colorado(yes the one from Animal Planet) cost $1200.00.  Well they also needed to do biopsies from his liver, they did come back positive...the Vet said 4-12 months...good news and bad news.  I've told everyone they are not to tell him and I get to love on him for now, that is a gift to be able to spoil the living day lights out of him?!  Thank you to those of you that have stayed on here and not strayed as I did, helping the folks that have needed to come here...Please keep fighting to kill the beast...thoughts and prayers with all...

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Happy 6 years...such a fantastic landmark! Your sweet Jersey Boy is going to love the extra spoiling, so sorry to hear of the biopsies and his health. Thank you for posting today, it's updates like these that are very motivating for myself and others. Hugs to you and your little buddy too of course!
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Great landmark! Woohoo!
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Sad for you, but just keep him close and stroked! I think of you and Texas Jeff and how we miss him. HUGS
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Jeanne, congratulations on reaching an auspicious milestone! I’m sorry about your little friend. I know how it is to take care of a pet at the end of life, and it’s tough. But you’ll make his last days so much more happy and content. Wishing you more and more good years post treatment!
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Yay, congrats on the six year anniversary!!!
Give a hug to your best buddy from me!
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Congrats to you, what a milestone!! I'm only 2 months out from treatment and reading your post today really inspires me. Thank you and hugs to you.
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Congratulations, Jeanne! So sorry about your doggie. Give him a big hug.
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Hi sweet Jeanne! So good to hear from you and so happy for your 6th Anniversary too. Jersey Boy is in good hands. Do you mean the xylitol in the PB? I'm upset they started to put that in PB because prior, it was always a good vehicle to get pills into Blanche. Stella always takes pills right out of our hand. Thanks for posting. I miss you and Danean too but understand you get busy with life.😘
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I am so happy to hear that you are healthy and I wish you a happy 6-year cancerversary. I am, however, sorry to hear about your precious 4-legged companion. Unfortunately, cancer seems to affect our pets too. :( I send hugs to you and comforting thoughts for your Jersey Boy. Take care.
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Hi Jeanne, sorry to hear about Jersey boy. Congrats on the 6 years.
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Great news on 6 years out. Hugs for you and your Jersey Boy.
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Sorry to hear about Jersey boy. That's so hard. Billie, my dog, was by my side through treatment. Bit my sister trying to protect me from my tube feedings. She's 15 and slowing way down. I dread the day but know it's coming. Thinking of you and that handsome pup.
Happy birthday
Shout outs to you and Jersey Boy,
Seems there is always some sadness somehow mixed in with Joy,
Well this is just a wish for many sweet moments and to say,
Happy birthday month and hope you have a special day

Happy birthday Jeanne!
Wishing you a happy day. Thought about you when I voted this month...for a candidate named Jeff Brown!

Happy birthday week
Happy birthday
Happy birthday Jeanne!!! 🎂
Hoping your special day is special indeed! Hugs...
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