Cancerversary 5/1/2020 - 8 Years!

Hi!  I can harly believe it...8 years ago this was celebrated as my Cancer free day?!  It feels like it was yesterday sometimes and other times it feels like it was 25+ years many I do have some of the scars from the treatment we endure to get better.  There are a few things I do not get to enjoy any more, but I'm alive! I've endured a few surgeries for other things since cancer treatment, heck I even quit smoking shortly after treatment...picked a good date 9/11.  I do apologize for not being on here more often escpically for the newbies.  I can tell you what helped me the most were people on here, Helen and smurf.  My treatment would have been 10x worse if it wasn't for the people on here sharing what helped them and what didn't!  If you are currently slaying the dragon, keep fighting it to the best of your ability.  Love all of you and wish you the very best!


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Congratulations, Jeanne! Woo-hoo!
I am right behind you having celebrated my 9th anniversary yesterday.
Yes, cheers to Helen and Smurf!!
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I think I'm the one right behind you, bringing up the rear?!
Mari, big congratulations to you too! That is SO awesome and I am so very happy for you! Thank you for the cheers, but I say cheers to all here. We are all for one and one for all! Keep celebrating those anniversaries and stay safe and well! Hugs!
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Wonderful!! It's so wonderful to see your still with us. It's always good for all of us to see the long time survivors.
And I would vote Helen, Smurfy, Tydall and Daisy as such wonderful advisers and never leave out Jill for having the most wonderful blog!! Jill will never know how much we get out of this.
The reassurance of others telling their stories, and difficulties, in particular.
So good to hear from you Jeanne!!
Thank you for reminding us all of the HUGE contribution in time and energy and money that Jill has made with this blog!!!
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Easterly, thank you! I think support is more of a group effort here, but I sincerely appreciate your comment! Hugs!
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I'm so grateful for our friendship. You, my friend, are cancer's silver lining.

Congratulations on eight years!! I'd take you out to celebrate, but... soon!
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You know I'm now trying to figure out how to set up a zoom meeting and invite all our buddies on here...I think we can pull that off?!?!
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Music to my ears....what a great post to read today! Congrats ❤️
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Here Here!!! I second your encouragement for the newbies to learn from the experience of our members. It helped me enormously to have advice from the wonderful posters here! Congrats on your 8-year mark Jeanne!!!
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WOW!!! Better just an ordinary ole birthday!! And thank you for the kind words...and for your help for Texas Jeff, still miss him...
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Congratulations on 8 years, Jeanne! We are all true warriors. I just celebrated my 10 year anniversary on my birthday, 4/28. Here's to many more anniversaries for all of us!
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Cherie, big congratulations to you as well! I am so, so happy for you! We should be throwing a big virtual party for all of these anniversaries! I hope you are doing well, staying safe, and celebrating your special milestone! Hugs!
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We totally should! I hit 10 years cancer-free October 5th. There are so many of us who are many years out. I think a virtual party would be tremendously encouraging to those in the midst of their fight or not long out. How could we do this?
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Thank you, Martha! I probably should've done an update, but I never know what to say, lol. Cant wait for covid 19 to be over!
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That is SO awesome, Danean! 10 years is HUGE! I am so happy for you, my dear friend! Whatever you're doing to stay healthy, just keep doing it! Stay safe during these strange times and keep celebrating those anniversaries! Hugs!
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Hi Jeanne! Big, big congratulations on reaching this huge milestone! I am so very happy for you, my friend. That was very sweet of you to mention me, but there were many others here who were supporting you too, giving you suggestions on how to get through treatment, and virtually holding your hand. I'm so glad all of that worked and that you hung in there! I hope you will find a special way to celebrate amid these strange times with the pandemic. May you stay safe and be well so you can celebrate many more anniversaries. Hugs!
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CONGRATS! I'm just a little over 1 year post treatment and surviving well.
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Wow, I can't believe it has been that long. Congrats. Such great news. love you sweetie.
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Well done Jeanne! Very happy news amidst all this chaos right now. Thank u for taking time to post. It means so much for us "newbies" and keeps us inspired to stay the course
When u have time, can u tell us a little more about the long term after effects that u have been suffering from.
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Congratulations! Also congrats on quitting smoking! So thankful for everyone on here.
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